Management Liability Packages

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Traditional general liability insurance is designed to cover bodily injury and property damage. For this reason, significant gaps exist for those firms that need coverage to protect against claims arising out of professional services, such as negligent advisory boards, errors and omissions, and employment decisions.

Many insurance companies have identified the needs common to small and medium-sized professional firms and created “management liability” insurance programs. Management liability insurance describes a package policy that includes liability coverage for a number of exposures. Such policies often include errors and omissions, directors and officers, fiduciary, and employment practices liability insurance. The policy can be designed with single or divided limits and deductibles. Some policies may also provide defense costs in addition to policy limits and other important features designed to fill holes in traditional general liability insurance.

Is a management liability policy right for your firm? To learn more, call our service team today.


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We are proud to announce our new office in Milton, Massachusetts

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Mackintire Insurance Agency is proud to announce the opening of our new office in Milton, Massachusetts.  We look forward to bringing the same trusted insurance services to the South Shore that we have provided from our Westborough location since 1991.

With a special focus on commercial insurance products, Mackintire’s new Milton branch is your Massachusetts company’s one-stop insurance shop.  Regardless of the size of your operation or type of products you sell, our commercial insurance experts can analyze your business risks and develop a plan tailored to your company’s needs.  Our commercial insurance specialties include:

  • Restaurants
  • Garages
  • Contractors
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors

Our Milton office also offers Mackintire’s full range of personal insurance products.

Our long partnerships with top-rated carriers ensure that your Massachusetts business, home or family will be protected by a comprehensive policy at an affordable price.  As thousands of our customers over the years have discovered, Mackintire’s agents take the time to research your situation and craft a customized policy based on your specific needs.

Mackintire Insurance is excited to become a part of the Milton community, which was recently named one of Money magazine’s Best Places to Live.  From our East Milton Square office – conveniently located near Route 93, just minutes south of Boston – we hope to meet the insurance needs of businesses and families throughout the South Shore and the Greater Boston area.

Contact Mackintire Insurance or stop by our new Milton office to speak with an agent about your insurance needs and become part of the Mackintire Insurance family today.
Milton office: 1-617-698-5555
372 Granite Ave.
Milton, MA 02186


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Massachusetts Employment Practices Liability Insurance for the workplace.

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sexual-harassment insurance

An Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) policy protects a business and its employees from accusations of wrongful acts committed against customers, clients, vendors, and suppliers.

All forms of discrimination are covered under wrongful acts, including discriminatory practices against a person based on their race, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability, pregnancy or sexual orientation. Harassment involves unwanted sexual advances or requests for sexual favors. Some policies also cover accusations of mental anguish, emotional distress, humiliation and assault.

To protect your business, you should consider implementing specific policies that address discrimination and harassment issues. EPLI insurers are now requiring employers to implement these practices before they will issue a policy.

Make sure your new employee orientation programs includes a presentation detailing your harassment/discrimination policies. The training must also include how to report and handle a third-party claim. Don’t forget your current employees either. They must be retrained periodically through staff or employee meetings.

Remember is that most EPLI policies don’t provide third-party coverage for accusations involving the violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Review your EPLI policy’s definition of a claim to determine its interpretation. Many policies define a claim as a demand for monetary damages. This definition can present a problem in an ADA claim, because many of these claims are asking for reasonable accommodations, not monetary awards. Make sure your policy’s definition of a claim includes claims for non-monetary damages.

For assistance in understanding this important insurance and options that may provide the best available coverage for your firm, call our Mackintire Insurance service team today.


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Get the proper flood insurance is vital for your home in Massachusetts. Call Mackintire today to find out if you are covered.

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Floodwaters Could Affect Your Home

flooded-houseDamaging floodwaters occur in all 50 states and are the most commonly occurring natural disaster in the U.S. Floods damage more homes than any other type of loss except fire. Over the last 10 years, floods have caused almost$24.5 billion in losses in the U.S.

Many people think they must live in a flood-prone zone to be seriously at risk. Statistics suggest differently though. People living in low to moderate risk flood zones file almost 25% of flood claims, and homes in high-risk flood zones have a 26% chance of being damaged by a flood during the course of a 30-year mortgage.

Floods are not confined to hurricanes. Torrential rains, breakdowns in levees and other flood control equipment, winter storms and melting snow are all common causes of damaging floodwaters. Unfortunately, most standard homeowner’s policies don’t cover flood.

Mackintire Insurance Agency can help you learn more about flood risk in your area and can advise you on coverage options that protect against losses from flood.


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Professional Liability. Insurance Stipulations. Call Mackintire for more information today!

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business0insuranceWhat factors should you consider to be certain your policy will cover claims of negligence, breach of contract or another professional liability violation against your firm?

First, read the policy to determine when the insurance company should be put on notice of a claim. Look for specific information on what the policy considers a “claim.” Is it a lawsuit? Is it merely the threat of a lawsuit or another written demand? It’s critical to know the answers to avoid violating a condition of your policy.

Additionally, make certain you know who selects legal counsel. Does your insurance allow you any control over defense? If so, be sure to understand under what terms this is allowed.

Further, what happens if you disagree with the insurance company’s interpretation of the claim? You need to know what the policy says about arbitration of a coverage dispute between your firm and the insurance company.

There are other items to consider when interpreting the language in your firm’s professional liability insurance policy.

For assistance in understanding this important insurance and options that may provide the best available coverage for your firm, call our Mackintire Insurance service team today.


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Going on Vacation? What you need to know about Insuring at the Rental Car Counter.

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rental-car-insuranceAuto policies differ, so it’s important to know your personal policy before refusing that insurance option at the car rental counter.

The good news is that, in most cases, personal auto insurance will extend coverage to rented vehicles. Note we said “most,” not “all.” And even those policies providing coverage can have provisions restricting how coverage would be applied based upon such variables as the rented vehicle’s size, use and any coverage provided by the rental company.

Here are two important questions to ask the rental car agent before signing up for that company’s insurance:

“ What are my out-of-pocket expenses?”

Is there a deductible? Is there a minimum or maximum amount that the rental insurer will pay out if I cause damage or injury?

“ What is covered and not covered?”

Sometimes only damage to the rental car will be covered. In that case, you are liable for all other damage or injury you cause.

Before renting a vehicle, give us a call to find out how your policy applies to the rental and if it is smarter to cover your rental through us.


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Snowplows Are a Friendly Hazard

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As business owners send their employees out into the cold for business, the Washington State Department of Transportation offers the following warnings to drivers sharing the road with snowplows.

Snowplows are usually spreading anti-icing materials from the back of the truck and may need to stop or take evasive action to avoid stranded vehicles. If you find yourself behind a snowplow, stay well behind it or use caution when passing. The road behind a snowplow will be safer to drive on.

Don’t crowd the plow. Snowplows are wide—sometimes very wide. The front plow extends several feet in front of the truck and can cross the centerline and shoulders during plowing operations. Plows turn and exit the roadsnow-plow frequently. Give them plenty of room. Stay back at least 15 car lengths (200 feet).

Watch for snowplows operating in the lanes of oncoming traffic. They can represent a hazard to vehicles in cross-traffic as well, so be alert and give way. Snowplows can throw up a cloud of snow that can reduce your visibility to zero in less time than you can react. Drive cautiously. Never drive into a snow cloud—it could conceal a snowplow or another road hazard.

A snowplow operator’s field of vision is restricted. You may see them, but they may not see you.

Snowplows are a welcome sight when nasty weather affects the roads, but business vehicle accidents are most unwelcome. Encourage your employees to allow themselves enough time to travel safely, and educate them on cautious driving around snowplows.


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Are Your Winter ATV’s / Snowmobile properly insured?

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snowmobile - winter - atv If fun this winter includes your family’s use of all-terrain vehicles (ATV), such as a four-wheeler or snowmobile, there are a few important things you need to know about your insurance.

Most standard automobile insurance policies do not cover your use of such vehicles. Additionally, most standard home insurance policies may cover only your liability on an ATV. If so, coverage may be limited, so it is important to review your policy or ask us if this coverage is enough to protect you and your family.

There are a few other questions you should ask before putting the ATV into operation:

  • Are there age restrictions on operators?
  • Are friends and family covered while operating and/or riding on the ATV?

Ultimately, a separate insurance policy designed specifically for your ATV/ snowmobile could be necessary to extend proper coverage for your use as well as damage to the ATV itself. For more information about this insurance policy, call our service team today.



Click here for some snowmobile trails in Massachusetts.


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Tips for a happy and safe holiday season from Mackintire Insurance.

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The Grinch and the Mall Garage.

The big buying season is here, and you’re ready to shop ’til you drop. If you’re like many holiday shoppers in America,
you’ll do most of your gift buying over just a few trips to the stores, and you’ll haul your purchases to the car when you get overloaded.

Mall Parking LotYou’ve seen it: the lady who can hardly see to cross the parking lot because of her heaps of packages. These consumers are vulnerable to those grinchly grabbers who stalk big buyers.

Here are a few tips for safer shopping this holiday season:

  • Secure your wallet. Thieves are looking for victims who are so distracted with their purchases that they forget about protecting their money and identification cards. If you plan to purchase extensively, consider wearing a travel wallet that hangs on a cord around your neck and inside your shirt.
  • Stow purchases out of sight. If you must drop packages off in your vehicle while shopping, put them out of sight (in a trunk if possible) to reduce the attractiveness of your auto to burglars.
  • Keep receipts separate. Store receipts separately from purchases. If you do incur a loss, you will be better able to establish the value of the stolen items.
  • Consider shopping with a friend. Thieves are less likely to attack pairs of people than singles.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Park in lighted, populated areas. Be alert for suspicious behavior, and be prepared to enter your car and lock it upon entry. If something seems out of place, go back inside the store and ask for an escort.

This season, be a smart shopper and a safe one!


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Do you own a condominium that you rent to vacationers? Do you have condo rental insurance?

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condominium-townhouseCondo for Rent

Do you own a condominium that you rent to vacationers? If you do or you are considering it, take a look at some important limitations in your condo insurance policy.

Most condominium insurance policies include a provision which states that, once the property is held for rental, the condo insurance policy no longer covers the personal property of the unit owner. Consider a unit owner in Orlando, Fla., who decides to hold his unit for rent for a few weeks during the winter to attract vacationing families. Once the unit is advertised for rent, he no longer has coverage for his personal items located within the unit if they are damaged. Thus, if fire, vandalism, theft, or another event causes his furniture, decorations or electronics to be damaged, he must pay for the repairs.

Of further concern to unit owners is that most policies do not require that it actually be under a rental agreement; rather, the act of holding it for rent alone can trigger the provision.

Many condo insurance policy companies make it possible to amend the policy to close this gap for additional premium. If you own a unit in a condominium arrangement and are considering holding it for rent, call our service team today. We can help you find appropriate insurance.


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