Collector Car Fun – Antique Auto Insurance Tips


With the warmer weather, many Americans will take to beaches, parades and fairs to showcase a hobby they share with millions: collector cars.
For insurance purposes, a collector car doesn’t necessarily have to be old. Rather, it has to be appreciating or maintaining its value. For these cars, a standard personal auto policy is likely not the best type of insurance. A collector car policy can offer coverage options owners of these cars need and, due to the fact that they are designed for cars that are not regularly used, may be cheaper than a standard policy.
If you are the owner of a collector car, we can help you obtain an insurance policy that has:

  • Reimbursement limits that increase along with the value of the car
  • A choice of body shops that specialize in vintage vehicles
  • High limits for comprehensive, collision and liability coverage
  • Coverage for the fair replacement of rare or hard-to-find parts.

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