Condominium/Townhouse Insurance

While individual condominium/townhouse unit owners are responsible for insuring their personal property, Condominium Associations need a Master Condominium Insurance policy to cover the unit’s building, common areas and the associations’ liability. Not all associations need the same level of coverage. Mackintire Insurance Agency understands the intricacies of Condominium Insurance and can guide your association through the process.

A Master Condo Policy could include a variety of coverage options, such as:

  • Buildings and inside walls
  • Related Structures (clubhouses, garages, gatehouses)
  • Grounds (landscaping, playground)
  • Infrastructure (roads, drains, sidewalks)
  • Liability (general, swimming pool)
  • Workers Compensation

No two propertires are the same. Let a Mackintire Insurance agent help you determine the right policy for your Condominium Association.