Hotel/Motel Insurance

Managing a hotel or motel in Massachusetts involves keeping your guests happy.  It also involves managing risks. Hotel/motel insurance from Mackintire Insurance Agency can help minimize the risks that come with the hospitality industry.  Let us help you assemble the right insurance package to protect your hotel or motel business.

Specific hotel/motel insurance policies will depend on the needs of your business: How big is your hotel or motel? Are you independent or franchised? Do you serve food on site? A Mackintire Insurance agent will help you select the right options for your needs, but most hotel/motel insurance will include:

  • General liability insurance can protect you if a guest, service technician or other person is injured in your hotel or motel. Note that additional umbrella liability insurance is often required for franchised hotels and motels.
  • General property insurance can cover building damages and loss or damage to items such as furniture, bedding and other hotel/motel contents. Additional coverage for boilers, air conditioning units and other machinery may be added.
  • Business income loss insurance can compensate for lost income if your hotel or motel building becomes temporarily uninhabitable from a fire or other disaster.
  • Workers compensation insurance is required by Massachusetts state law and will protect the hotel or motel if an employee is hurt on the job.

Mackintire Insurance Agency understands the specific insurance needs of the hospitality industry in Massachusetts. Speak with a Mackintire Insurance agent to create an affordable hotel/motel insurance package to protect your guests, employees and business.