Electronic Media Risks

computerIn a recent survey, businessinsurance.com found that more than 60% of the largest firms in the U.S. believe intellectual property is the firm’s most valuable asset. Often, intellectual property violations occur in cyberspace in the form of copyright, domain name, trademark or trade secret violation. As firms take to the Web to compete with each other, such violations may seem unavoidable. Add to the list the countless number of employees sharing information on company intranets, blogs, chat rooms, social networking sites like Facebook and other outlets, and the concern becomes even greater.

Violation of intellectual property is very serious, even if the violation was unintentional. Traditional general liability insurance does not normally defend the cost of a claim alleging a violation. Covering such claims requires an insurance program designed specifically to address your firm’s electronic media liability exposure.

We can help. Our service team works closely with several of the industry’s most innovative insurance companies that are constantly creating and improving products to cover this new and growing exposure. For more information, call today.