How to keep your Massachusetts Home Insurance Rates lower.

Here are some issues that could increase your Massachusetts home insurance premiums. If you own a home, you need insurance as financial protection against any unforeseen mishaps. Home insurance rates vary from provider to provider, but certain factors cause the premiums to increase. Insurers consider more than just the value of the property. There are numerous issues to look into before you purchase a policy so that you can get the lowest rates and best coverage possible.

Appealing Exterior Hazards

The outside of your home may have a number of hazardous features that could entice a child to trespass. This type of danger zone is called an attractive nuisance. If someone explores the hazard and gets hurt, you could be liable for any injuries. Insurance providers seek extra protection when the risk of injury is high, because the chance of someone making a claim on the policy increases.

The Biggest Red Flags

The main things insurers look for are swimming pools, diving boards, trampolines and tree houses. Playground equipment such as slides, climbing structures and zip lines are also liabilities. Even a pile of construction materials or an unused vehicle rusting in the corner may be problematic. Anything interesting enough to lure a child onto the property can affect your insurance coverage and costs.

Safety Precautions

If you must have any of these items on your property, research local regulations to determine how to make them safer. You may be required to install safety fences around your pool and play structures. You’ll also likely be asked to place padding around trampoline springs and use an enclosure net. If there is a playscape in your yard, you may need to lay special materials under it.

Unsafe Interior Elements

The inside of your home poses just as many concerns. Wood-burning stoves and fireplaces are major risk factors, and you’ll need additional coverage if you have either. Rundown appliances, treacherous stairways and poorly maintained wiring or plumbing can drive up rates as well. Insurers also label dogs and exotic pets as high risk, and many won’t provide coverage for these animals.

You can take some steps to keep your insurance costs as low as possible without having to sacrifice coverage. Start by complying with local laws, making necessary repairs to structural elements and maintaining electrical and plumbing units. Once you’re ready to purchase your homeowners insurance, verify the coverage you’ll receive so that there are no surprises if misfortunes occur.