Dwelling Fire Insurance

In Massachusetts, dwelling fire insurance is available to protect a building you own but do not live in, such as a rental property or vacant home for sale. Since homeowners insurance will not cover a non-owner occupied rental property, dwelling fire insurance allows you to protect your investment and rent with confidence.

A typical dwelling fire insurance policy is designed to protect the building itself and attached structures like a garage.

Coverage of the building’s contents or other liability coverage may be available but must be specifically requested. As a “named peril” policy, dwelling fire insurance only covers those hazards specifically written into the policy, such as fire, hail, wind or other damages. Dwelling fire insurance may also be purchased for other structures on a property, such as detached garages, sheds and barns.

In the event of a fire, dwelling fire insurance may provide other benefits to ease the recovery. A dwelling fire policy may cover clean up and debris removal after a fire.  Also, if a fire renders a rental property uninhabitable, some dwelling fire policies can cover up to twelve months of lost rental income.

Speak to a Mackintire Insurance agent to design an affordable and appropriate dwelling fire insurance policy for your rental property.