Boat Insurance

Mackintire Insurance offers boat insurance coverage for Massachusetts boaters from leaders in the boat insurance industry. A well-designed boat insurance policy can provide affordable protection for your passengers and your investment in the event of collisions, fire, theft, storms and other accidents.

Boat insurance typically offers broad coverage, including damage to the boat, outboard motors, trailers and personal property. To ensure comprehensive protection, boat insurance can include several types of coverage. Collision coverage will cover damage to your boat from a collision with another boat, dock, or submerged object.  Coverage is also available for the contents of your boat, such as clothing, fishing gear, cameras and other personal items. For trailers, dinghies and other special equipment, boat insurance policies with lower deductibles may be available.

Liability coverage can help protect you in the event of injuries to someone other than yourself or your family or damage to someone else’s property. Boat insurance with personal injury protection coverage can help offset medical bills, rehabilitation costs and disability payments from boating injuries, regardless of who was at fault. Uninsured boat insurance coverage will cover accidents involving an uninsured or hit-and-run boater. Commercial towing and assistance coverage will help get you back to port if you break down at sea.

Contact a Mackintire Insurance agent today to create the best Massachusetts boat insurance policy for your boating investment.