Tips for a happy and safe holiday season from Mackintire Insurance.

The Grinch and the Mall Garage.

The big buying season is here, and you’re ready to shop ’til you drop. If you’re like many holiday shoppers in America,
you’ll do most of your gift buying over just a few trips to the stores, and you’ll haul your purchases to the car when you get overloaded.

Mall Parking LotYou’ve seen it: the lady who can hardly see to cross the parking lot because of her heaps of packages. These consumers are vulnerable to those grinchly grabbers who stalk big buyers.

Here are a few tips for safer shopping this holiday season:

  • Secure your wallet. Thieves are looking for victims who are so distracted with their purchases that they forget about protecting their money and identification cards. If you plan to purchase extensively, consider wearing a travel wallet that hangs on a cord around your neck and inside your shirt.
  • Stow purchases out of sight. If you must drop packages off in your vehicle while shopping, put them out of sight (in a trunk if possible) to reduce the attractiveness of your auto to burglars.
  • Keep receipts separate. Store receipts separately from purchases. If you do incur a loss, you will be better able to establish the value of the stolen items.
  • Consider shopping with a friend. Thieves are less likely to attack pairs of people than singles.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Park in lighted, populated areas. Be alert for suspicious behavior, and be prepared to enter your car and lock it upon entry. If something seems out of place, go back inside the store and ask for an escort.

This season, be a smart shopper and a safe one!