Going on Vacation? What you need to know about Insuring at the Rental Car Counter.

rental-car-insuranceAuto policies differ, so it’s important to know your personal policy before refusing that insurance option at the car rental counter.

The good news is that, in most cases, personal auto insurance will extend coverage to rented vehicles. Note we said “most,” not “all.” And even those policies providing coverage can have provisions restricting how coverage would be applied based upon such variables as the rented vehicle’s size, use and any coverage provided by the rental company.

Here are two important questions to ask the rental car agent before signing up for that company’s insurance:

“ What are my out-of-pocket expenses?”

Is there a deductible? Is there a minimum or maximum amount that the rental insurer will pay out if I cause damage or injury?

“ What is covered and not covered?”

Sometimes only damage to the rental car will be covered. In that case, you are liable for all other damage or injury you cause.

Before renting a vehicle, give us a call to find out how your policy applies to the rental and if it is smarter to cover your rental through us.