Who’s Doing the Dirty Work?

If you are using chemicals in your construction work, you may be the one. The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2007 report on hazardous characterizations of 101 high-volume chemicals is an excellent way for you to find out if the chemicals your using are classified as pollutants. Reports such as these are often part of the research conducted by insurance claims personnel when determining if a loss due to chemical use is uncovered because of a pollution exclusion.

Standard commercial general liability (CGL) policies contain a very broad exclusion intended to address bodily injury and/or property damage caused by the use of pollutants or the release of pollution by businesses. Thesmokstack language in the exclusion reflects the insurance company’s intent to exclude a majority of pollution claims for a variety of reasons.

Covering losses caused by chemicals considered pollutants might require a separate insurance policy. To review information on the EPA’s hazardous chemicals list, visit the www.epa.gov.

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